Baking Beautiful Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

//Baking Beautiful Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

Baking Beautiful Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

Here at Baking Beautiful we pride ourselves on our unique and totally bespoke wedding cakes, and you can’t get much more bespoke than hand-painted cakes, truly edible works of art! It’s a very specific style of decoration, and one of our favourites!

As with all our cakes, it’s all about the individual elements you choose to make your Baking Beautiful wedding cake your own, and there’s no end of new ideas and inspiration! Hand-painted cakes have limitless potential, from pretty floral designs to contemporary patterns and graphics – there’s lots to choose from!

Current trends include painted initial illustrations or a beautiful scripted quote. Quill London have made calligraphy cool again, and modern calligraphy is being used for wedding invitations and seating plans, so it won’t be long before we see it on wedding cakes too!

One of the themes most often seen in the hand-painted cake trend is beautiful flowers. If you’re planning a vintage or country garden theme wedding, a hand-painted floral design would fit in perfectly. However, if you want something a little more modern, and very on trend, then it’s all about marble, combined with geometric shapes and more contemporary design or pattern. We’ll be delving a little deeper into wedding cake trends in our next blog post, so watch this space!

The beauty of hand-painted wedding cakes is that they can be as detailed and decorative or as simple as you like. Don’t forget, depending on your chosen design, you can still add some subtle embellishments such as fresh flowers, jewels, beading and cake toppers to make your design complete.

Please feel free to contact me and arrange a consultation if you’d like a Baking Beautiful hand-painted cake for your wedding day! We can also make vegan hand-painted cakes too!


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