Baking Beautiful Wedding Cake Trends

//Baking Beautiful Wedding Cake Trends

Baking Beautiful Wedding Cake Trends

When our parents and grandparents married, their wedding cake was probably made from dried fruit with white icing. Today, wedding cakes come in many colours, shapes, sizes, icing effects and decorative techniques.

Many contemporary wedding cakes are complete works of art. Think intricate sugar flower work, sculpted buttercream and icing which softly folds and ruffles in front of your eyes! Wedding cakes are now as much a part of your wedding theme as the flowers and venue styling.

2018 has already some incredible new techniques and ideas, some of which are new and others of which have been around for a couple of years but are now justifiably ‘trends’. Here are (just a few!) of our favourites:

  1. Drip icing – this works with any cake base to create something really indulgent. It’s a very versatile technique and can be applied to many colours and style of cake.
  2. Gold leaf – a reflection with the continued obsession in the wedding industry with all things gold and metallic! a great way to create a truly luxurious looking cake!
  3. Ombre cakes – adding the wow factor, and creating a true work of art as the cake reflects different blends of hues and colours.
  4. Fresh flowers, botanicals (succulents!) and herbs – all are being used to dress cakes and make them look unbelievably rustic, natural and super pretty!
  5. Naked cakes – around for a while now and showing no sign of losing popularity as couples abandon fruit cake and icing!
  6. Hand painted cakes – taking cake decorating to a truly artistic level with so many designs and ideas to choose from. You can read more about hand-painted cakes here. 

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have for your wedding cakes, let’s get creative!


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