Sugar Flowers or Real Flowers

//Sugar Flowers or Real Flowers

Sugar Flowers or Real Flowers

Are you finding it difficult to decide on real or sugar flowers for your wedding cake? Here are a few pointers from Baking Beautiful which may help you decide!

Wedding Cake Designs

Flowers come in infinite shapes, colours and sizes but availability is always very much dictated by the season. Weather can also dramatically affect supplies, and fresh flower availability can change almost overnight. If you want a flower in a particular shade then sugar flowers provide more flexibility in terms of colour and shape. With sugar flowers you can (if you want!) match your flowers to the room décor, your dress pattern or any other aspect of your wedding theme. As far as sugar flowers go, the only limitation is your imagination! In terms of the actual design, sugar flowers can be attached directly on to the fondant icing of your cake meaning that you can really be adventurous with your design. Real flowers need to be attached in a slightly different way and if they are touching the cake, they obviously need to be pesticide, dirt and bug free.


Budget may be a real consideration when you choose sugar or real flowers, but a lot will depend on how many flowers you want, and how much of the cake will be covered. Specialist and intricate sugar flower designs can be time-consuming, and seasonal flowers could be a more cost-effective alternative. It all depends on the design and what’s involved in making your floral vision a reality!


Some flowers are poisonous – which means you cannot use them, whereas sugar flowers are completely safe! Many popular wedding flowers are actually poisonous including Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas and Chrysanthemums.


Sugar flowers last for ages and are so robust that they can even be kept as a keepsake for years to come. Real flowers have a much more limited lifespan and will begin to die/wilt as soon as they are cut so need to be attached to the cake at the last possible moment. If you are marrying in the heat of summer, or in a warm marquee or wedding reception room, they may well wilt very quickly!


There is no doubt that fresh flowers and edible flowers are hugely on trend at the moment, they are seen by some as being more contemporary, they smell wonderful and are also a fantastic talking point!

I’d be happy to talk through all the options with you, so please feel free to contact me to arrange a consultation!


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