Wedding Cake Table Top Tips

//Wedding Cake Table Top Tips

Wedding Cake Table Top Tips

Here at Baking Beautiful we are lucky enough to have our wedding cakes displayed at many beautiful venues in wonderful surroundings. The cake table is an important and focal point of your wedding reception, and so we thought we’d give you a few top tips to help you make the most of it…

Table Size

When you visit your venue, ask what the size and shape of the table will be. Can it accommodate more than just your cake? You don’t want to have your cake dwarfed by a huge table, and neither do you want a small table if you want to add some personalised touches or provide multiple cakes and desserts.

The Table Top

If you do opt to use multiple cakes and desserts (cupcakes, sweet bowls, croquembouche towers!), you will need to space them out and incorporate other elements to break them up, such as flowers, foliage and candles. You can also add different levels and layers along the table by placing some items on raised stands, this creates added visual interest and stops the table looking a little lacklustre.

Decorate Around

If you have a theme for your décor, see if you can weave decorative items which match your theme around the table. Bunting and floral garlands look attractive, as do light strings… Think about the space above and behind your table too – rustic signs, banners and garlands can look very effective.

Use Your Bouquet

Bridal party bouquets are always beautiful, and can provide a simple and colourful way to surround your cake. Your cake table is also a convenient place to keep your bouquets safe, ready to collect them for photos later on in the evening if required.

Location, Location, Location

Consider the best location for your table – for both your guests and the photos! An outdoor wedding might take advantage of a shaded and quiet spot under a tree or on the beautifully manicured lawn with a picture-perfect view of the reception tables in the background. Instead of simply placing your cake table in an out-of-the-way corner, seek out areas with a bit more personality, maybe in front of a stunning fireplace or ornate mirror?

We have lots of wonderful ideas on our Pinterest board, so do take a look!


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